Move your Virtual Machines to KubeVirt


Forklift features a simple, user-friendly, and actionable interface, which drives the migration by enabling you to:

  • Configure providers that serve as the source and target for the migration, while using Kubernetes Secrets to store the credentials.

  • Examine the VMware hosts and select the transfer network for each host, to achieve the best throughput during migration, without affecting other workloads.

  • Establish the equivalence between source and target by mapping resources in order to reassign the resources efficiently

  • Storage mappings associate datastores in the source with storage classes available in the target.  

  • Network mappings associate the networks in the source with the namespace and network in the target. Extended or routed VLANs attached to both will make the migration even less complicated, enabling the possibility of keeping the current addressing configuration.

  • Mappings are pre-populated based on selected VMs and their associated resources and defaults. This saves time while still allowing custom configurations.

  • Launch migration plans by filtering and choosing the VMs to be migrated, selecting them, and monitoring the progress in detail.


Get Started

Forklift can be deployed as an Operator on a Kubernetes cluster. Instructions for deployment can be found in markdown on GitHub.



Forklift is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. The source code is available in GitHub.



If you have a question or want to say hello you can join the forklift mailing list or join the #konveyor channel on

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