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The Konveyor community is working on projects to help users rehost, replatform, and refactor their applications to Kubernetes.

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How to Modernize Virtualized Workloads

Arvin Amirian, Principal Consultant for Container Infrastructure - Red Hat

The eternal struggle of application development is choosing to pay down technical debt or adding new features. Why not both! This meetup will explore modernization strategies enabled by open-source project KubeVirt that will help you do just that. 


We will import a .Net application running on IIS on a Windows Server VM into KubeVirt. Then we will go through the stages of containerizing each of the logical layers of the application. Note that this strategy can be used with other OS and Middleware combinations.


Tuesday, October 26th at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

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Migrating a Large Fortune 100 Healthcare Company to Kubernetes in 7 months

Christopher Nuland, Architect - Red Hat

At the beginning of 2019, Chris Nuland and team were tasked with migrating a large mesosphere DC/OS cluster with hundreds of running containers to Kubernetes for a large fortune 100 healthcare company.


One of the key challenges with this migration was the need to finish it within a 7 month timeframe to allow the sunsetting of DC/OS before the cluster’s end of life. In conjunction with this migration, there was also the need to containerize a couple hundred applications and deploy them into the newly built cluster. These tasks were completed in the desired time frame using a variety of migration and onboarding techniques, including the use of a few migration tools, like pathfinder, that would eventually be part of the Konveyor suite of applications.


This presentation will go over many of the challenges of that migration, how certain tooling aided in the process, and how the process would look differently now given many of the migration tooling advantages found in the Konveyor suite of applications.

Tuesday, November 11th at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

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Migrating JBoss EAP applications to Kubernetes with Source-to-Image (S2I)

Philip Hayes, Runtimes Practice Lead - Red Hat

Despite the incredible pace of adoption of container orchestration platforms, the vast majority of EAP workloads are still running on VMs or bare metal. In a lot of cases enterprise operation teams are mandated to modernize and move these workloads to the cloud, and containerization and migration to Kubernetes is the natural destination. When talking about this migration path, we're often asked questions like:

  • What's involved? 

  • How easy is it to move these workloads? 

  • How can you be sure of no code changes? 

  • What tools are there to assist with this effort? 

  • What are the benefits of moving workloads to Kubernetes?


Philip Hayes, Runtimes Practice Lead at Red Hat, will provide answers to these questions and also include a step-by-step guide to migrating an EAP 7 application to Kubernetes.

Tuesday, November 9th at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

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Migrating from Oracle SOA Suite to microservices on Kubernetes

Rajith Attapattu, Managing Partner & CTO - Randoli Inc.

In this session, we’ll explore how Randoli helped a Postal Technology company migrate their payment gateway applications off Oracle SOA Suite to Camel/Springboot on Kubernetes. The primary drivers for the migration were: move to cloud-native technologies in keeping with the organizational digital transformation mandate; move away from an outdated centralized platform to a decentralized architecture for efficiency, scalability, and manageability; and very high licensing costs of the existing platform. 

Tuesday, November 16th at 11:00AM Eastern Standard time (GMT -5)

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